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Family travel to Beijing



Beijing is a good place to travel for educating youth to learn about Chinese culture, which combines their latest achievements with ancient history. As it is known to all, Beijing is the capital of China, which has been acting as the Chinese political, economic, cultural, and educational center for a long time. In addition, Beijing provides a wide range of modern and ancient places for family trips including the Beijing Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Beijing Olympic Stadium, and Hou Hai Bar Street. (“Beijing Travel Guide”)


If you want to learn about the Chinese history, come to visit Chinese ancient buildings first. Chinese buildings not only have their unique characteristics, but

were also built for different purposes from each other. As time passes by, the Great Wall has become the symbol of China, since it played an important role of defending invasions through Chinese history. In fact, the purpose of construction of the Great Wall was to defensive the invader from the north of China hundreds years ago. It is said that the Great Wall is the only building that can be seen from outer space. It’s really a fantastic place to travel for the youth, which let tourists feel the ancient Chinese wisdom and daring in this great architecture. On one hand, parents could educate their children about the world out of America. On the other hand, they could take a really valuable trip since the price of visit is not expensive at all. Moreover, there are also several Chinese ancient building to travel like the Forbidden City, the Summer Place and the Temple of Heaven. (“Beijing Travel Guide”)


In the 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing showed the world something so special that everyone was surprised by Beijing’s hi-tech elements combined with its ancient culture. If you only know that Beijing has a long history, you have just touched a part of Beijing. Beijing has changed a lot in these years; the development of Beijing was been happening in a high speed. Modern Beijing will give you a big shock when you arrive there; many hi-tech buildings have been constructed over the years in Beijing. For instance, the Beijing National Stadium, also being called the bird’s nest, was the main stadium for the 2008 Summer Olympics, which host to the unforgettable Opening and Closing ceremonies. Many new technologies are used in the building; it looks outstanding no matter inside and outside. People could see a huge bird nest in a distance, which actually was built by steel bars. What a wonderful shape it has! Likewise the unique outer side, the inside of the bird’s nest is also integral multi-technologies. Try to image you are in a huge bird’s nest, when you go into the Beijing National Stadium. Therefore, youth travelers will see the advanced technologies and get the special feeling here. For parents, you don’t need to worry about your children, because the Beijing National Stadium is not only a absolutely safe but have completely special fun place.


Beijing has so many places for travelers to visit, which succeed to Beijing’s traditional culture and develop their own characteristic. It is not only an ancient and mysterious one but also a modern and advanced one. Most importantly, Beijing is a wonderful place for family travel that well-combined the two faces of Beijing and China.














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