It’s nearly impossible to write your dissertation in a day and it can take weeks, months, or even years. You’re going to need an outline and not just any outline but a thesis statement that will provide the backbone for all of your research. As well as this, you’ll also need to develop three chapters which detail the various stages of your process. Here are some other helpful tips for writing your dissertation:
I. Outline
You’ll need to create an outline which will provide the foundation for your finished piece of writing. It’s a little bit like the frame of a house; it’s easy to build upon something stable and once you’ve got that in place, you can start adding layers and decorating until it reaches its full potential. Use your outline to provide the stability for your thesis statement.
II. Documentation
It goes without saying that you’ll be required to use citations throughout your paper, especially if it’s an academic type of paper or dissertation. When adding citations, make sure that they are formatted correctly so that everything flows together nicely and is easy to follow.
– Set goals that help keep you on track.

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