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When asked to write a synthesis essay or given a sample synthesis essay question, many high school or college students question the word “synthesis.” What does it mean to synthesize? Where can I get a synthesis essay example?

Well, the dictionary tells us that synthesis is the combination of ideas to form a theory; the thesaurus provides synonyms such as fusion, blend, and creation. So ultimately, you are creating a combination of what your

A synthesis essay is a type of assignment meant to analyze, combine and summarise all the information gathered from different sources.

In high school and college, it’s one the most common types of assignment in an English class.

The synthesis requires you to do profound research on your topic and collect data from other sources before combining them into many paragraphs that make logical sense when read by someone else.

Synthesis Essay Structure

Synthesis Essay Structure

For you to present your message efficiently, you require to follow a specific structure when writing a synthesis essay.


Your content should have an introduction paragraph.

The introduction should have a thesis statement, which is the last sentence on the introduction paragraph that has a summary of the synthesis.

The body paragraphs

Organize the essay’s body by key factual points, theme, topic, or possible similarities. Your synthesis essay should be organized so that others can understand the sources and evaluate your comprehension of them and their presentation of specific data, themes, etc

The organization of your content depends on the patterns which appear in the relevant content.

However, the body should always start with the information in the following paragraph concerning a particular topic.

While writing a synthesis essay, it is of essence you use more than one source.

Also, you must indicate the differences or similarities with the sources you are using in an informative manner.

It is essential to ensure that the body has appropriate content that is not biased to avoid weakening the synthesis essay.

The conclusion

After completion of your paper’s body, ensure you write a conclusion paragraph.

The conclusion provides final touches such as either commentary or suggestions.

Providing an interpretation to your essay will be of the essence in your conclusion

What remains now on your good synthesis essay is proofreading, polishing, and submission.

Writing a Synthesis Essay- Formats and Sections

The format of a synthesis essay may vary depending on the type, but there are three main sections in every paper: introduction, body paragraphs with specific details, and concluding paragraph.

When you want to make your essay the best it can be, using a synthesis essay format will ensure that all of your ideas are organized and easy for readers to follow. This section discusses how to start an academic essay for it not only to have good content but also to flow well from one idea into another with ease.

How to Start a Synthesis Essay?

To start your essay, gather any necessary resources. Whether they are books, articles, movies, or documents – it doesn’t matter how you find them as long as you have the information to back up what is being said. As you go through these materials make summaries of important parts that can be cited later on in the paper itself for further

Next, you need to create an outline of your essay. Some people recommend a 5-6 paragraph long outline for the length of the essay. The first paragraph summarizes the introduction and formulates the thesis statement for your paper.

Note down three or four sections of all main points that will be discussed in this paper. To have a clearer picture of what is being said throughout this essay, it’s important not only to have these two things but also as well come up with some sort of conclusion at the end which can summarize everything mentioned before including any new ideas introduced by way of argumentation during such writing process.

Finally, it’s time to put the pen on paper. Your introduction should be a summary of your essay and start with an attention-grabbing opening line.

This could include a quote that can provide deep insight into our current understanding of the write-up you want to share with the chief reader who may not know about this topic yet. Next, quickly explain what is in store for them.

How to Write a Synthesis Essay Thesis?

Your thesis is the claim that your synthesis paper makes. If you’re arguing against students wearing uniforms, make sure to show this in your thesis statement.

Some essays will not have a clear-cut thesis (for example, literature reviews), but others may state it explicitly in their instructions. Others might require you to explore through all of the resources and coming up with something original on your own-this can be challenging.

Make sure whatever thesis statement you write is thought-provoking to keep readers curious about what’s next for them.

How to Write a Synthesis Paper Body?

Synthesis essays are a way to combine and assess information from multiple sources. They should have distinct paragraphs, each with its own topic sentence for the thesis or argument set out in that paragraph.

One good strategy is grouping together similar facts or features of your sources then describing them using different perspectives.

That is explaining what they mean; connecting how one source relates to another; making comments on their accuracy, details, credibility; evaluating factual merit and supporting evidence as well as other aspects such as context (time period) location(s).

To prove your argument, the ideas should flow and build on one another so that they assert your claim. Try not to introduce too many counterpoints against it because you can only add a handful of those points in as well before giving them some arguments back.

Writing a Synthesis Essay Conclusion?

The author should summarize their essay by listing the paper’s major themes and clarifying any important facts worth remembering.

The conclusion is an opportunity to interpret a few more details, clarify issues that may not have been covered in depth enough before, or direct readers towards other resources for further great research if necessary.

Some students are tempted to only cite quotes from the work of others, but these writers need to give credit where they found their ideas.

The correct thing is not just citing direct quotations without also mentioning any concepts that may be built on those words or sentences. Different schools have different requirements when referencing sources in-text citations with MLA being one example and APA another option available depending on how your school prefers you do this task.

Using either format will ensure a student does not plagiarize other people’s work while still giving them due attribution through citation– even if it has been modified by new information gleaned along the way.

Synthesis Essay Examples

Here are some great sample synthesis essays to help you with your next paper. With a good understanding of a synthesis essay writing under your belt, dive right into the different examples.

Use the essay examples to learn how to write a solid introduction and perfect conclusion paragraph to crush your AP lit class.

Even though writing a synthesis essay is a task not everyone can complete excellently from the first attempt, it is much easier to do that once you have relevant sample student essays to lean on. Feel free to check the following example of a synthesis essay and use it as a basis for your own writing.


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