Top 371 Dissertation Topics For Students

How To Choose A Dissertation Topic

Writing a dissertation is a difficult task, not an impossible one. But it all begins with choosing the best topic from many possible dissertation topics.

It is a task that requires you to commit enough time and proper preparation. The first step method of preparation is selecting a topic. There are many topics available on the web and on YouTube

Why The Dissertation Topic Is So Important

The quality of the paper you write is dependent on the choice of dissertation topics, relevant subject from the lists of ideas.

Therefore, you need to put some extra effort to come up with a creative and unique topic.

The specific dissertation topic, should not only guide a reader on what to expect from your paper but also show that you are capable as a writer and you know what you are doing in your field of study.

Unfortunately, when given a dissertation, most students rush through the process of selecting a dissertation topic, and either end up with a topic that is difficult to research or one that has been covered so many times before that their paper does not add any value or sounds copied.

Tips For Selecting A Good Dissertation Topic

  • Find a topic on an issue or subject that you are familiar with and have a deep understanding of. Choosing a topic you are familiar with will make your dissertation writing easier since you will be able to quickly gather information and data, thereby adequately explaining your main unique ideas and points.
  • Capture the reader’s attention. The topic is the first thing a reader sees. In those few words, it should capture the readers’ attention. So, try and pick a topic that readers would be interested in.
  • Analyze your writing skills. Select a title from which you can come up with a productive dissertation that contributes something constructive to your field. Select a complicated topic, and you might not be able to complete the dissertation.
  • Select a topic with a positive impact on your research skills. A dissertation should serve as an opportunity to improve your research skills in your research proposal. So, select a topic that will allow you to conduct comprehensive research. And, preserve your notes and research for future reference.
  • Use your creative capabilities. Creativity in the topic allows you to get original points to discuss in the body of the dissertation. There will be a good flow of unique ideas during the writing process.
  • Ask your tutors and instructors for advice. Selecting a unique topic for your dissertation will not be an easy task. So, consider taking advice from your tutors and instructors – you might just find the inspiration you need to come up with a good topic.
  • Consider custom dissertation writing agencies. That is the easy way out, which might be your last resort if you are unable to come up with a dissertation topic. Companies offering these services have experienced writers who specialized in dissertation topics in different fields.

What Makes A Good Dissertation Topic

An excellent and relevant dissertation topic has the following characteristics:

  • It is unique; thereby informative and genuine
  • Captures the attention of the reader by being both creative and informative
  • It is relevant to the subject and relates to a real-life issue

The title is the first thing a reader will use to judge the quality of your dissertation.

It shows how unique your work is.

Therefore, make sure you follow the tips explained above to come up with a good topic or good idea for your dissertation from the provided list of topics.

Below are the best dissertation topic ideas and topics, from different disciplines:

Accounting Dissertation Topics

  1. The Most Effective Contemporary Fixed Asset Practices
  2. How an Effective Audit Influences Big Corporation’s Income
  3. Contemporary Methods of Financial Accounting
  4. Influence of Risk-Based Accounting on a Company’s Rapid Development
  5. In-house vs External Audit: A Comparative Study
  6. Tax Legislation Regarding the Freelance Market
  7. How Accounting Education Among Company Leaders Influences its Success
  8. Ethics Accounting in the Weapon Production Industry
  9. Cash Flow Analysis to Forecast a Company’s Success
  10. How Income Tax Affects Small Businesses

Dissertation Topics in Management

  1. Effect of Reward Systems on Employee Performance
  2. HR Policies and their Influence on Employee Job Satisfaction
  3. The Impact of Big Corporations on Ethical Values
  4. Can Mentoring Influence a Carreer’sSuccess?
  5. Unconventional HR Management Strategies for Employee Happiness and Performance
  6. Comprehensive Study on Management of Family-Owned Business
  7. Business Management Against Discrimination Risks
  8. Managing Client Relationships in the Financial Sector
  9. Management Models in the Tourism Industry
  10. The Modern Workplace and Stereotypical Gender Roles

Business Dissertation Topics

  1. How Globalization Impacts Leadership in Business
  2. Business Challenges of International Companies
  3. Main Strategies that Attract Foreign Investment
  4. Environmental-Friendly Real Estate Programs
  5. How Gender Equality Influences Business Management
  6. Trends in the Real Estate Market and the Reasoning Behind it
  7. Investigation on Real Estate Price Fluctuations Based on One City
  8. Ethical Management and Business Sustainability
  9. Contemporary Business Leadership Models
  10. Economic Crisis of 2008 as a Leadership Failure

Public Administration Research Topics

  1. How Youth Influences Development of the Political System
  2. Immigration Policies and their Impact on the Economy and Population
  3. Involvement of Public Administration Regarding the Rights of Homeless People
  4. The Importance of Equal Gender and Race Representation in Public Administration
  5. Human Rights Violations and Resolutions on a Governmental Level
  6. Can a Social Movement Make Change in Public Administration? The Case of March for Our Lives
  7. Social Media and the Involvement of Citizens in Public Administration
  8. The Influence of Mega Corporations on Public Administration
  9. The Significance of Public Relations and the Modern Methods of Realization
  10. Corruption Practices, Their Influence and the Preventive Methods in Public Administration

Marketing Dissertation Topics

  1. The Specifics of Instagram Marketing and Advertisement Placement
  2. Efficient Marketing in the Small Business Sector
  3. Social Media Requires New Marketing Strategies
  4. Does Advertising Influence the Consumption of Tobacco Among Teenagers?
  5. How Packaging Influences Sales in the Cosmetic Industry
  6. Do Loyalty Programs Work in Retail Business?
  7. Inclusivity in Advertisement
  8. Is a Comedy-Based Advertisement Strategy More Effective?
  9. The Differences Between Traditional and Digital Marketing, Advantages and Disadvantages of Both Systems
  10. Discovering Ethics in Marketing: Where is the Line of No Return?

MBA Thesis Topics

  1. How Modern Technology Influences Business Management in the Restaurant Industry
  2. Is Online Marketing Effective for Technological Startups?
  3. How Fast Fashion Contributes to Human Rights Violations
  4. How Globalization Impacts Small Business
  5. Is Risk-Based Management Profitable in the Banking Sector?
  6. E-business vs Traditional: Main Differences and Trends
  7. Modern Individual Investment Strategies
  8. Workplace Diversity and Corporate Success
  9. Strategies for Developing Brand Awareness for Small Companies
  10. Benefits of Robots in Production Industries

Political Economy Topics

  1. The Negative Effects of Corruption in Governmental Structures for a Country’s Economy
  2. The Sustainability of a Capitalist Economic Model in a Democratic Regime
  3. Political Economy of Middle Eastern Countries Regarding Women Labor
  4. Legislative and Ethical Issues Dealing with Salaries in Developing Countries
  5. The Political Economic Effects of Brexit for the UK
  6. The Impact of Corporate Factories in Third World Countries
  7. Issues of Tax Evasion by International Corporations and its Impact on the National Economy
  8. The Connection between Justice and Human Rights: The Case of Syria
  9. How Gender Studies Influence Economic Theories
  10. How a Media Presence Influences the Political Economy Process

Macroeconomics Research Topics

  1. Economic Benefit of Marijuana Legalization Based on the Canadian Experience
  2. Use of Robotic Labor Instead of a Human Workforce and the Global Economy
  3. How the Introduction of Modern Technology into Third World Countries Can Influence the Global Economy
  4. How Franchising Contributes to the Global Economy
  5. How Social Networks Contribute to the Global Economy
  6. Means of Economic Forecasting and How it Impact’s Business
  7. Comparing the Economies of Developed vs Developing Countries
  8. Deep Analysis of the Reasons and Results of the Greek Economic Recession
  9. How Local Factors Contribute to a Global Economic Recession
  10. Globalization and Industrial Mass Production in the Retail Industry

Microeconomics Research Topics

  1. Economic Recession and Small Business
  2. The Efficiency of Fixed Costs in Managing the Marginal Propensity to Consume
  3. The Cost of Production vs the Ethics of Labor
  4. Supply and Consumer Demand Ratio in the Modern Beauty Industry
  5. Consumer Behavior and Eco-Friendly Production
  6. How Gathering Personal Data of Online Performance Can Help Small Business
  7. The Influence of Freelancing on the Modern Workforce
  8. How Small Companies can Compete with International Business
  9. How geographical Location Influences the Food Industry
  10. Taxation and the Cost of a Private Healthcare System

Applied Economics Research Topics

  1. The Results of the Industrial Revolution for the UK Economy
  2. The Economic Influence of European Expansion During the Age of Colonization
  3. Modern Travel Demand and its Influence of the Local Economy
  4. The Ambiguity of Applied Economics and its Modern Critique
  5. How the Industrial Revolution Became a Basis of the Modern Economic Model
  6. Exploring the Gender Wage Gap in Modern Europe
  7. Gender Studies and Labor Supply of the 21st Century
  8. The Significance of Economic Strategies of Greek Agriculture
  9. The Economy of Modern Higher Education in the USA
  10. Quadratic Engel Curves and Consumer Demand in the Fashion Industry

International Economics Research Topics

  1. Article 13 and Possible Global Economical Results
  2. Issues with Foreign Exchange Systems
  3. International Economy and War Conflicts on the Middle East
  4. International Economic Recession of 2008 and its Impact on Local Economies
  5. Informational Technologies and Their Influence on the Global Economy
  6. How Globalization leads to Mergers and International Economic Cooperation
  7. International Businesses and International Taxation
  8. How Oil Consumption Influences Global Economy
  9. How China’s Production Influences the Global Economy
  10. Modern Emerging Markets and Forecasting Global Economic Changes

Finance Thesis Topics

  1. How the Size of a Business Affects Financial Decisions
  2. Modern Strategies to Collective Investment
  3. How Crowdfunding Platforms are Connected to a Global Economic System
  4. How the Increase of Hedge Funds Influences Economics
  5. Influence of Informational Technology on the Modern Banking System
  6. The Role of the World Bank in International Economy
  7. Micro-financing Institutions and the Level of Poverty in Developing Countries
  8. How Credit Programs Influence Small Business Growth
  9. Does Branding Affect Buyer’s Choice?
  10. Cultural and Geographical Reasons Behind Private Equity Investment

Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. Providing a Necessary Environment for Elderly People at the Hospital
  2. Treating Injuries in Diabetic Patients
  3. Necessity and Strategies of Constant Pharmacological Education for Nurses
  4. Treating Strategies for Patients with PTSD
  5. Strategies to Prevent Nurse’s Burn Outs
  6. Treating Patients with Acute Pains
  7. Management of Drug Dependency Programs
  8. Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Private Nursing System
  9. The Correlation Between Patients’ Stress Level and Nursing Help
  10. Diagnosis and Treatment of Patients with Communication Challenges

Occupational Therapy Research Topics

  1. Using Cats as Treatment Tool for Patients with Depression
  2. Modern Preventing Strategies to Fight Obesity Among Teenagers
  3. Preparing Patients to Return to Work with Prosthesis
  4. Role of Occupational Therapy in Leaving with Mental Diseases
  5. Can Occupational Therapy Help Imprisoned People to Join the Work market?
  6. Occupational Therapy for Non-Speaking Patients
  7. Preparing Patients With Anxiety to Return to Workplace
  8. Occupational Therapy for Substance Abuse Patients
  9. Use of Animal Helpers in Occupational Therapy
  10. Strategies for Creation of Individual Occupational Therapy Programs

Physical Education Research Topic

  1. PE Games and Interpersonal Relations Between Peers
  2. The Use of Music During Training and its Influence on Sport Performance
  3. Benefits of Physical Education for Children with Autism Spectrum
  4. Correlation Between Physical Education and Academic Performance in Middle School
  5. How Physical Education Can Prevent Mental Diseases
  6. Study on Gender-Based Separation on Games in PE
  7. Traditional PE Exercises vs Modern Methodic: Comparative Study
  8. Physical Education Programs to Fight Obesity
  9. Basketball and Development of Strategically Thinking Among Teenagers
  10. Benefits of Football in Developing Communication Skills in Children

Dissertation Topics in Healthcare Management

  1. What are the Major Effects of Medical Tourism?
  2. Improvement Strategies for Public Healthcare System
  3. Integration of Foreign Medical Staff into Hospital
  4. Insurance Healthcare Programs and Population’s Health
  5. Private Healthcare System and Media Presence
  6. Budgeting a Public Healthcare System
  7. HR Policies to Increase the Efficiency of Hospital Care
  8. Benefits of Adaptation of Evidence-Based Healthcare system
  9. Implementation of Modern Recovery Programs in Hospital Care System
  10. Managing Departments of Contagious Diseases

Mental Health Research Topics

  1. How Narcissistic Personality Disorder Influences One’s Academic Performance
  2. Light Therapy in Treating Depression
  3. Correlation Between Raise of Social Networks and Anxiety Disorders Among Teenagers
  4. How Mental Health Issues Influence Patient’s Use of Technology
  5. How Parent’s Divorce Contributes to a Child’s Mental Health
  6. Strategies for a Full-time Employment for Patients Suffering from Depression
  7. Fashion Industry and Its Impact of Eating Disorders Among Children
  8. Strategies for Treating Multiple Personalities Disorder
  9. Correlation Between Patient’s Immune System and Mental Health
  10. Digital Counseling: Advantages, Disadvantages in Treatment of Anxieties and Depression

Master’s Thesis Topics In General Medicine

  1. These topics are suitable for a post-graduate student of a medical college. The unique ideas listed below have practical applications.
  2. Use of Painkillers by Patient with Cardiovascular Diseases
  3. Specifics of ART for Patients with Substance Addiction
  4. Usage of Marijuana in the Prevention of Cancer
  5. Treatment of Non-alcoholic Liver Cirrhosis in Patients with Diabetes 2
  6. Treatment of Chronic Liver Diseases Among Patients with Diabetes
  7. The Efficiency of Tuberculosis Prevention Programs
  8. Ethical Issue of Assisted Suicide in Terminal Diseases
  9. Influence of Serum Cortisol Level on the Severity of the Stroke
  10. Risk Factors of Liver Abscess Development
  11. Strategies for Treating Infectious Cysts

Art Dissertation Topics

  1. The Phenomenon of Digital Singers: How are They Taking Over Music Industry
  2. How Capitalism Contributed to the Development of Conceptual Art
  3. How Modern Technology Influenced Abstract Art
  4. The Interconnective Relations of Photography and Hyperrealistic Art
  5. How the Choice of Art Supplies is Connected to Global Economy State
  6. The Concept of Freedom in French Impressionism
  7. The Rise of Digital Art
  8. Shift in Gender Roles in Marvel Comic Book in the Last 20 years
  9. Influence of E. D. Poe’s Prose on the Development of Horror Films Genre
  10. The Concept of Art Extermination as an Artistic Act

Linguistics Dissertation Topics

  1. How Accents Shape One’s Perception by Society
  2. The Efficiency of Language Learning Digital Apps
  3. How the Language Shapes One’s Forms and Color Perception
  4. Influence of bilingual education on Child’s Cognitive Function
  5. Globalization and Lexical Borrowing
  6. Integration of Slang into Literary Canon
  7. Geographical Influence on Accents Formation
  8. Social Networks’ Impact on Slang Language
  9. Modern Language Learning Strategies
  10. How Language Specifics Influence Understanding of Genders

Cultural Studies Dissertation Topics

  1. Comparing Gender Representation in Movies “Wonder woman” and “Captain Marvel”
  2. Inclusive Representation of Minorities in Children’s Books
  3. Metamodernism Esthetic Based on BoJack Horseman
  4. How Globalization Influenced Cultural Relativism?
  5. Cultural Appropriation in Movies, Books and Art
  6. Modern British Theater
  7. Abstract Art in Modern Photography
  8. Creating a Virtual Reality: Is it a Piece of Art?
  9. How Hollywood Shapes the Film Industry Worldwide
  10. Screen adaptation vs Book Original: Is it Possible to Live up to the Audience’s Expectation?

Philosophy Dissertation Topics

  1. Derrida’s Theory of Deconstruction Applied to Gender Binaries
  2. Camus Absurd Theory Reminiscence in Modern Philosophy Works
  3. New Ethics in a Digital Age
  4. Applying Paul Ricœur’s Memory and Forgetting Concept to Modern Technology of Self-Statement
  5. The Language that Shapes our Minds: Husserl’s Perspective
  6. The Question of Human Being in the Age of Cloning
  7. Body Image and Social Construction of Normality
  8. Foucault’s Theory of Violence and Power Represented in Modern Educational Institutions
  9. The Raise of Nihilism in Modern Internet Culture
  10. Heidegger’s Theory of Time and Construction of Identity

History Dissertation Topics

  1. Development and Raise of Informational Wars
  2. Raise of Anglican Church and Economical Reasons Behind it
  3. Diplomatic Strategies and Failures During the Hundred Years’ War
  4. Philosophical Context of French Revolution
  5. Development of Weapon Industry During the Cold War
  6. Suffragette Movements in the UK
  7. Computer Programming in Modern Archeology
  8. Political and Economic Reasons for Britain’s Participation in WWI
  9. Economical, Social and Political Causes and Result of the Great Depression
  10. Role of Female Workers During the Industrial Revolution

Family Law Dissertation Topics

  1. Separation and Division of the Financial Assets
  2. Social and Economic Benefits of Same-Sex Marriage Legalization
  3. Legislative Perspective on Male Survivors of Family Violence
  4. Change in Custody Cases Resolution in The Last Decade
  5. Legal Issue of Child Labor in the Third World Countries
  6. Legislative Line Between Child Abuse and Punishing
  7. Legislative Changes Regarding Parental Relocation with a Child
  8. Legalization of Assisted Suicide for Terminal Patients
  9. How Gender Roles and Stereotypes Influence Divorce Process
  10. Marriage without Consent and Legislative Changes to Prevent it

Public Law Dissertation Topics

  1. Article 13 and Copyright Law: Major Aspects and Consequences
  2. How the Legal System Can Prevent Domestic Violence
  3. The Rise of Cyber Crimes and Punishments
  4. Race Discrimination in Modern Law System
  5. Understanding the Right to Vote for Prisoners
  6. The Line between Private Information and Freedom of Speech in the Digital Media
  7. Legal Issue of Online Data Collection and How it Should be Monitored
  8. Legislative Measures Regarding Privacy on the Internet
  9. The Second Amendment’s Impact on the Raise of Gun Violence in the USA
  10. The Ambiguity of Legal System when it Comes to Political Figures

International Law Dissertation Topics

  1. The Efficiency of International Tribunals Regarding War Crimes
  2. Correlation Between Civil Liberty and Public Safety in International Legislation
  3. Principals Behind the Formulation of International Criminal Law
  4. Importance of Precedent in International Human Rights Court Hearings
  5. The Piracy Law and National Approaches to International Legislative Norm
  6. Net-neutrality Should Become a Subject of International Law
  7. The Problems Regarding Enforcing International Law in the Third World Countries
  8. Legislation of Refugees and their Immigration
  9. The USA Presence in Syria: Providing Justice or Violating Law?
  10. Forecasting the Future of Digital and Internet Legislation

Biology Thesis Topics

  1. The Influence of Gut Bacteria on Depression
  2. Correlation Between Fast Food Production and Extinction of Forests
  3. How Human Cloning Can Contribute to Medicine and Science
  4. Hormonal Therapy in Treating Depression
  5. Positive Impact of Music Therapy for Patients with Brain Injuries
  6. DNA technologies To Reduce Aging
  7. Modern Technology that Contributes to Biology science
  8. Genetic Modifications in Plants and Their Influence on the Human Immune System
  9. Exploring the Impact of Veganism on Meat Production
  10. Ethics and Legislation Between Transplantation of Organs

Research Topics in Chemistry

  1. The Case of Generic Medicines and Their Formulas
  2. The Future of Synthetic Chemistry
  3. How the Beauty Industry Contributes to Corporate Chemical Studies
  4. Nanotechnology in Modern Chemistry
  5. Organic Electronics: Use of Carbon-Based Semiconducting Materials
  6. New Sustainable Materials to Reduce Environment Pollution
  7. Polymer Chemistry and Its Impact on the State of Science
  8. Effects of Pesticides Use on a Quality of Water
  9. Development of Bio-Chemistry and Mental Health Issues
  10. How to Fight Mercury Contamination in the Environment

Physics Dissertation Topics

  1. Fundamentals of Space Travel
  2. Nanotechnology use in Spin-Physics
  3. The Concept of Uncertainty in Quantum Physics Based on Particle-Wave Duality
  4. Modern Perception of Quantum Information Theory
  5. Contemporary Methods of Particles Mapping in Quantum Systems
  6. Alternative Energy Sources in Modern Economy
  7. Susskind’s Theory of Cosmic Landscape Applied to Recent Findings on Black Holes
  8. Hawking Contribution to Black Holes Theory
  9. Discovering the Asymmetry of the Universe: Matter vs Antimatter
  10. Nonlinear Beam Technologies and Their Advantages

Ecology Dissertation Ideas

  1. The Contribution of Beaver Dams to Fish Diversity
  2. Importance of Public Ecology Education in Reduction of Human Pollution
  3. New Biodegrading Technologies to Reduce Pollution
  4. Non-human Reasons of Species Extinction
  5. How Public Transport is Better to Environment than Private One
  6. International Changes in Fighting Against Animal Testing
  7. Media Representation of Sharks and Its Influence on Shark Hunting
  8. Discovery of New Species: Can We Expect More?
  9. The Impact of Nuclear Disasters on Flora and Fauna (Fukushima, Chernobyl)
  10. How Tourism Destroys the Planet’s Best Places

Astronomy Dissertation Topics

  1. Dark Matter and Dark Matter Clusters
  2. The Complex Case of Pluto’s Identification
  3. First Black Hole Picture Received and New Issues Arisen
  4. Possibilities and Benefits of Mars Colonization
  5. Nearby Galaxies and Young Stellar Clusters
  6. Exploring the Dark Energy in the Space
  7. The Issue of Human Pollution of Near-Earth Space
  8. Modern Technology in Black Hole Mass Measurement
  9. Future Colonization: Looking for Exoplanets
  10. String Theory and Black Holes

Psychology Dissertation Topics

  1. Integration of Play-Based Therapy Into Child Patient Suffering from Trauma
  2. Surviving Narcissistic Abuse
  3. Means of Non-verbal Communication Among Young Children
  4. Parents Divorce Effects on Early Child’s Development
  5. How Constant Information Flow Affects Human Memory
  6. Workplace Roles and Behavioral Patterns
  7. Correlation Between Neurotic Fear, Expectation, Disappointment, and Pain
  8. Animal Therapy for Patients with PTSD
  9. Depression and its Impact on Academic Performance Among doctoral Students
  10. Psychological Treatment of Parents of a Child on Autism Spectrum

Geography Dissertation Topics

  1. Causes and Effects of Mountain Degeneration
  2. Applying Continental Drift Theory on Modern Geography
  3. How geographical Location Influences Human Mentality
  4. Urban Landscape and Its Change in Recent Years
  5. Forecasting Volcanoes’ Explosion with Modern Technology
  6. Reasons for Coastal Erosion and Means of Prevention
  7. Reasons, Risk Factors and Preventive Measure Of Seasonal Forest Fires
  8. Tectonic Theory and Forecasting of Earthquakes
  9. Gentrification, Modern State and Main Issues
  10. The Significance of Coral Riffs for Ecosystem

Political Science Dissertation Topics

  1. Glass Ceiling for Female Politics: What Has Changed in the Last Decade?
  2. Marketing Strategies Used in Political Campaigns
  3. Contemporary Totalitarian Regimes
  4. Middle East Politic Tradition and its Connection to Religion
  5. Advantages and Disadvantages of Democratic Governance
  6. Political Reasons Behind Gender Inequality
  7. How Social Networks are Used for Political Propaganda
  8. The Role of Media in the Election Process
  9. Strategies to Creation of Politically Aware Society
  10. The Impact of 9/11 in New Policies Against Terrorism

Social Work Dissertation Topics

  1. Psychological Help to Social Workers in Preventing Burn Outs
  2. Governmental Involvement in Social Work
  3. Social Worker’s Role in Assisted Suicide Practice
  4. Social Work in Regard to Substance Abuse Among Young Adults
  5. The Significance of Social Work in Helping Domestic Violence Victims
  6. Youth Activism and Social Work
  7. How Mentoring Influences Social Work
  8. Issues of Social Worker’s Personal Safety
  9. Necessary Skills in Conflict Resolution
  10. Activist Strategies in Helping Homeless

Sociology Dissertation Topics

  1. Reasons Contributing to Racial Inequality in Higher Education
  2. The Role of Religion in Gender Separation on Third World Countries
  3. Social Context of Domestic Violence Against Children
  4. Social Context of Increased Number of Serial Killer Cases
  5. New Ways of Communication and their Social Significance
  6. Economical Results of Population’s Aging
  7. Contraction of One’s Identity in Urban Landscape
  8. Foucault’s Critique of Social Institutions
  9. Subculture’s Phenomenon and Its Impact on Society
  10. The Role of Alcohol Abuse in Crime Conduction


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